We look for disruptive technology and platforms to invest in or develop as a way to keep us competitive online and on mobile devices.

hireVisibility is making it simple for clients to meet personnel requirements for a given project or function. Unlike complex and disaggregated hiring software solutions, hireVisibility is a comprehensive solution from RFQ to project completion with full visibility for clients, personnel, and staffing companies.

Clicktivated is making shoppable video a reality. The world has changed; it’s vital to leverage video and offer new and unique ways to shop. Clicktivated eliminates consumer frustration and amplifies user engagement by creating a seamless e-commerce experience through video. The platform provides instant access to products or information directly in your videos with a simple click — with game-changing results.

fulfill-X is a walled-garden marketplace. Customers can specify their needs and match them to the available inventory from pre-approved suppliers, eliminating the tedious manual process of searching, sourcing, and negotiating. With its unique capabilities such as a product-ranking algorithm, charitable donation-based access for buyers in need, and aggregator MOQ purchasing, it has broad applicability across many segments.

“The solutions we are attracted to are innovative, disruptive, and they have the ability for us to be flexible in what we choose to do with them.”

– Herman Moore, Founder & CEO