LNU, available on both iOS and Android, will feature content created and supported by fans

TROY, Mich. (Sep 16, 2021) — Former NFL All-Pro and Detroit Lions wide receiver Herman Moore has announced the launch of Lions Nation Unite™, a free platform specifically for Lions fans. The app, available on iOS and Android, will curate content from some of the top fan-produced Detroit Lions content channels, and act as a community and fan loyalty program.

“I’ve always wanted to repay the fans for supporting my career, supporting my teammates, and for being such loyal Lions fans,” said Moore. “So I was driven to create a platform so fans could have open conversation. So they could have their voice, vent their frustrations, talk about why they became a Lions fan. Why, for example, do some get dressed up in these elaborate outfits and go to a stadium and cheer? I want to hear those stories.”

Fan content producers who will be present on the platform at launch include: Dose of Dion 2.0 (YouTube), Detroit Lions Podcast (Podcast, Reddit), Let’s Talk Lions (YouTube), and Detroit Lions on the Prowl (YouTube).

Within Lions Nation Unite™, users can create their own profile, which allows them to view and post content as well as engage other members in threaded discussions, groups, and chat. Moore himself will also be active on the platform along with other NFL and Detroit Lions alums.

“This platform is going to grow as we go,” said Moore. “Fans can expect us to create our own shows like Breaking Bread, The Moore Report™, The Breakdown, Legacy Fantasy Sports™, Debate Deck™, but we also want to support quality fan-created content. We’ll also have giveaways, fan competitions, our own gear, and event opportunities.

“The No. 1 goal is just to have fun.”

Lions Nation Unite is available for download now on iOS and Android!

Interview Requests: Chrissie Zavicar