Lomas Brown Named Chief Business Development and Diversity Officer with Team 84 LLC

TROY, Mich. (Apr. 15, 2021) — Former NFL All-Pro offensive tackle Lomas Brown has been named Chief Business Development and Diversity Officer with Team 84 LLC, a certified MBE holding company founded by Herman Moore in 2013. The former teammates – the two were with the Detroit Lions together from 1991-95 – have been discussing working together for a decade.

“I see the business acumen that he has,” said Moore. “I see the business skills he possesses, and he is a person of great character. We didn’t bring him in as a part of the organization because he’s a former teammate and a friend as much as we brought him in as a seasoned executive.”

As the Chief Business Development and Diversity Officer, Brown is overseeing new business development for Team 84 LLC and is working with companies to analyze and improve how they hire or bring in vendors. The goal is to ensure they are looking within a diverse talent pool when they hire or bring in contractors to assist with projects.

“I have been amazed with the way Herman has built his company,” said Brown. “I’ll tell anybody he is probably one of the smartest people I have been around. A lot of people will talk about what they’re going to do. Herman has actually gone out here and done it.”

Prior to joining Team 84 LLC, Brown has done appearances and other entrepreneurial work through his own company, Lomas Brown Jr. LLC. He has also focused on philanthropy through his foundation, the Lomas Brown Jr. Foundation, and has been a color analyst for the Detroit Lions since 2018.

“I have really missed the team environment being out on my own,” said Brown. “This is a team that I can depend on. There is a lot more I can accomplish when I have a strong diverse team of leaders. The environment at Team 84 drives leadership out everyone. It allows me to be All-Pro at business as I was on the field.”

“If a company wants to do business, there is really no excuse as to why they shouldn’t. We can solve just about any problem within our business focus. I’m excited to be a team member and respected addition to this business conglomerate.”

Team 84, LLC and its subsidiaries focus on innovative technologies, manufacturing, enterprise print management and branding solutions, as well as staffing. To learn more, visit team84llc.com.



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